1. Ban´s look alike is sharing some fond moments with Meliodas.
  2. Rueduciel´s plan to eradicate the Demon Clan is already in motion.
  3. We are revealed that Gerheade is Gloxinia´s little sister.
  4. Rueduciel was preparing a huge bait for the demon clan involving all of their kins trapped in a light bubble.
  5. The Ten Commandments is going to engage with Stigma and try to save their kinships.


It feels like the Goddess Clan were the bad guys all along. Also, it seems that Lady Elizabeth is a high ranking goddess, but it´s not quite clear what her position is. It wouldn´t surprise me if she were one of the Four Archangels.

The trial is still unclear. Gloxinia and Dolor said that the trial involved making a difficult decision, but it´s not revealed yet.

Overall, this chapter served to build up the tension for the upcoming battle.

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