1. Lady Elizabeth is negotiating with the Ten Commandments.
  2. Rueduciel appears, making it seem that Lady Elizabeth was stalling for time. Derieri stroke Elizabeth down.
  3. The huge ball of light that contained the demon´s kinship held hostage exploded at the command of Rueduciel, killing every demon inside of it.
  4. Two more archangels from the Four Archangels appear, and a huge battle will unfold.


Rueduciel is a bastard, taking advantage of Elizabeth´s good will. When the ball of light exploded, it made the Goddess Clan to be the bad guys.

We still don´t know the cause of why the war happened between the Demon race and every other race. It seems that the mangaka is hinting that the one who caused all of the misfortunes was Rueduciel.

Two new Archangels will appear, but my guess is that they are going to be like Nerobasta (disposable characters for the purpose of plot).

Overall, this chapter was normal.

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