1. Sawamura shut down Hakuryuu´s attack with his aggressive pitching + Miyuki´s call. He pitched the number 7 (cutter custom) to the 4th batter, which is like the secret weapon of Sawamura.
  2. It´s Seidou´s turn to attack, and Kuramochi successfully got into 2nd base, giving Hakuryuu a run for their money.
  3. The 2nd batter this time will be Kominato. Coach Kataoka changed his tactics for the batting order, focusing on high firepower at the beginning of the lineup.


As expected from Sawamura! Good job from keeping Hakuryuu from scoring a point. It´s possible that for this game, Miyuki would call for a higher number than the number 7 if Seidou plans to win this practice game. If, by some chance, Sawamura fails in appealing to Coach Kataoka that he deserves the Ace number from this game, it would be really sad since Sawamura has always been doing his very best.

Seidou´s batting order lineup makes a lot of sense. It´s not the same it was when Tetsu was still in the team, thus making changes was unavoidable. Next chapter will be whether this new tactic be successful or not.

As for Hakuryuu´s mound, their pitcher and catcher looks so plain and simple. Apparently, Ouno (the pitcher) has the shootball. I wonder if they will turn out to be interesting characters to look out for in the future… besides Mima.

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