1. Midoriya couldn´t get the stamp from Sir within the time limit, but he made Sir have a little laugh.
  2. Apparently, Sir intended to employ Midoriya from the very start, so it all ended well for Midoriya.
  3. For his first day of internship, Midoriya was tasked to patrol around the area with Mirio, in hopes of getting any suspicious activity from the Yakuza.
  4. A small girl bumped into Midoriya, then Kisaki (the leader of the Yakuza) appeared in front of him.


The highlight of this chapter was the new information about the upcoming enemy Midoriya will face.

For the trial between Midoriya and Sir, it´s a shame that Midoriya couldn´t get the stamp from Sir. It was a good approach to throw random stuff to Sir, since it will narrow down the possibilities of what his Foresight can see. As Midoriya said it, it´s possible that Sir´s Foresight can see the behavior of a person one hour ahead, or can he actually see everything. Looking at Sir´s surprised face when he saw Midoriya´s action of throwing him stuff, we can infer that he can´t see everything. Therefore, it´s highly possible that Sir can see his opponent´s behavioral actions for only one hour (it´s like a time limit). The question now is: can Sir re-use his Foresight on the same person he had used before or does he need to meet some kind of requirements to do it again on the same person?

Sir will employ Midoriya, but he won´t acknowledge him. He firmly believes that Mirio was the best candidate for the One for All. Thus, Midoriya will have to make him acknowledge him at some point later on (maybe it´s the requirement to go into the next arc).

About the Yakuzas, the ones who beat the crap out of Shigaraki´s clan, they are called “The Eight Precepts of Death” (the name is so cool!). Its leader, Kisaki, had been laying low for a very long time and recently he has been gathering the remaining yakuzas. Thus, the Nighteye office is looking to find any useful piece of evidence to use against them. At the moment, the Yakuzas haven´t done any criminal activity.

At the end of the chapter, a small girl called Eri bumped into Midoriya. She was desperately looking for help. Behind her, Kisaki appeared, telling her to be a good girl and not give trouble to the heroes (Midoriya and Mirio).

Overall, this chapter is marked as the beginning of the internship of Midoriya and his clash with Sir´s view.

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