1. We are shown some relaxing aftermath scenes.
  2. Nekoma won their first game like Karasuno (set count 2-0).
  3. Fukurodani is 2 points behind their opponent Eiwa. Apparently, they are on their first set.
  4. It seems that Bokuto entered into “Low Morale mode” or “dejected mode”.


Nothing much happened in this chapter. The first round matches are wrapping up nicely.

Nekoma did some solid receives play on their match against their opponent. This may be the prelude to the upcoming heated “battle of the trash heap”, which I hope lives up to its expectations.

Fukurodani seems to be pressured by the opposing team, and Bokuto doesn´t look motivated so early in the match. I believe that the reason he is in low morale may be because there is no one cheering for him.

Overall, this chapter was refreshing. Next chapter will focus on Fukurodani, especially on Bokuto. The match may drag on if the mangaka were to need more time to think.

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