1. Ray can remember episodic memories from the moment he was born. Usually, after a certain age, people tend to get childhood amnesia and not be able to remember memories from their early life.
  2. Outside the walls will be “Headquarters” and there is 5 branches of Grace Field House.
  3. Ray hands Norman the gadget that will render the transmitters useless.
  4. Norman finds W.M. pen in his drawer.
  5. Norman disappears.


Ray doesn’t suffer childhood amnesia. Even though he can’t remember everything, he does remember certain pieces which the reader can see in his flashback. From the flashback, we can see that Ray’s mom is somewhat in a farm too and everything is being controlled by Grandma (are they forcing people into having sex?). We also get to see a glimpse of how they plant transmitters on the babies, which seems like they just staple their left ears. Additionally, Ray never experienced being carried in a transport system, which means that outside the walls, there’s a high chance that it would be Headquarters or a branch from it. It’s amazing how much information we got in this chapter.

In this chapter we got to see Ray’s triumph card. Six years building and testing it, and also preventing Mama from noticing is a real pain to deal with. The gadget looks so homemade, which really makes it within expectations.

We finally get to see W.M. pen in action. Norman discovers it in his drawer and immediately knew that the pen was out of place. I have high expectations for the pen. Sadly, I don’t think we will see it soon.

The chapter ends with Norman vanishing in his judgement day. I don’t know when we will see him again in action, but I hope to see him soon since he was the best main lead in my opinion. Mama won’t stay quiet about this, or maybe she tricked the gang and actually wanted to see if they had a triumph card to use against her.

Overall, the chapter was so good. Your move now Isabella.

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