1. Kominato hit a double, giving Kuramochi the chance to sprint home. Thus, Seidou is the first to score.
  2. The third batter, Shirasu, hit the first pitch thrown at him, but Mima’s speed got him out.
  3. Miyuki got strikeout.


The first inning is about to end with Seidou leading the match by one run. Hakuryuu’s ace is not someone to underestimate, being able to pitch efficiently and according to the catcher’s call. Additionally, Mima saved the team by preventing Shirasu from getting onto base and not letting Kominato run to 3rd base.


Kominato has shown results from his improvements, being able to predict what the enemy battery would throw at him. This is a huge step on solidifying his presence on the team, more so since he is now the second batter. Also, it’s refreshing to see that Kominato is being given love.

Shirasu didn’t get a lot of exposure in this chapter, but we can see that his batting skills are good to fill in the 3rd batter spot. Still, I would like to see more of his abilities on this match.

Miyuki got strikeout. The chapter didn’t really give a lot of exposure or presence on him to guarantee that Seidou is in big trouble for the upcoming innings. If anything, Sawamura’s smirk at the end actually gives more impact. I feel like Miyuki needs to up his game.

Overall, this chapter focused on how well the new batting lineup fares against a regular Koushien powerhouse. I believe next chapter will begin with Maezono. It would be awful to make Maezono mess up and not be able to deliver results in his turn, so I hope he gets to do something (my impression of Maezono at the moment is that he can’t deliver consistently).

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