1. The reason why Bokuto is feeling down is due to the stage they are playing. Bokuto wants to play on a bigger stage with a lot of spectators. Right now, Fukurodani is playing on a stadium a little bit smaller than the central one, thus Bokuto’s frustration.
  2. Akaashi sweet talked to Bokuto, getting him back into his feet.
  3. In the end, Fukurodani won the match against Eiwa (set count 2-0).
  4. Hinata encounters at last his idol: the Small Giant.


Bokuto is giving off the vibe of Koro-sensei (from Assassination Classroom) when it comes to weaknesses. Both characters has a list of weaknesses that they can’t help about it. Nevertheless, the MVP of this chapter was Akaashi for being able to get Bokuto up to his game with some sweet talking.

In the end of the chapter, we get to see that Hinata finally encounters with his idol the Small Giant. I hope Hinata gets fired up after his meeting with the Small Giant, and finally make the charged jump Kageyama wanted him to do before the tournament began.

Overall, this chapter main focus was on developing Fukurodani’s teammates relationship with Bokuto. I believe that the next chapter will be the beginning of the next part of this arc.

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