Hello everyone! This is Moonid. It took me quite a lot of time to decide on when to write my impressions of this anime, and I finally decided to write about it today.

The anime is being made by Kyoto Animation (studio that made Clannad, Free!, and many others). The genre of the anime is comedy, fantasy, and slice of life. Due to its spontaneous scenes about the adult world, it´s rated as PG-13.

To kick-start this post, Miss Kobayashi´s Dragon Maid turned out to be a real surprise for me this season and it´s not a stretch to say that it can be the AOTS (Anime of the Season). Also, I didn´t know that this anime had a manga, so it´s a great addition to my list of manga to read.

For my impression, I´m going to write about the following:

  1. Plot Overview
  2. Characters
  3. Culture Shock
  4. Opening and Ending Song
  5. Worth to Watch?

If there is no objection, then let´s proceed!

Tohru: Leeeeeet´s goo!!

Plot Overview:

Beginning of the anime:

The anime is about a dragon called Tohru who ran away from her world due to a heavy injury caused by an impaled sword, and arrived into our world to rest. A drunk Kobayashi (human), apparently a software engineer, found Tohru lying in the mountains and pulled the sword out of her. Also, seeing that Tohru is sleeping in the mountains, Kobayashi invited her to stay on her home. Feeling indebted to Kobayashi, Tohru takes up her invitation and arrives into Kobayashi´s home next day. Kobayashi remembers her irresponsible invitation while she was drunk, and apologizes to Tohru. Tohru insists on staying by being a maid, but Kobayashi turns down her offer. After seeing that she is late for work, Kobayashi asks Tohru if she can fly, whick Tooru happily agrees to do. Mid way to work, Kobayashi finally agrees to hire Tohru as her maid. Thus, the adventure of Tohru and Kobayashi will begin.


The anime focuses on the relationship between Tohru and Kobayashi, and how Tohru will interact in a world she is not used to. Additionally, new characters appear through the course of the plot to further complement the relationship. Also, the characters from the other world goes through some cultural shock when they relate our world to what happens commonly on their own world. There doesn´t really seem like there is an objective in the plot besides Tohru getting used live happily with humans since she is used to destroy humans in the other world.

One thing to note: this anime doesn´t follow a strict plot line. It´s an anime just for the purpose of enjoying it. There doesn´t seem to have any sort of conspiracy or hidden motive behind the characters actions.


The main and supporting characters of this anime are:

From the human world: Kobayashi, Takiya, Saikawa, and Shouta.

  • Kobayashi: she apparently is a software engineer, as she is working in a company related to software development and programming. It´s really rare to have the main lead of an anime be someone who studied in a STEM program, and more rare if it´s a woman. Recently, governments around the world are trying to incorporate more women into studying a STEM-related program in hope of closing the gap between Men and Women social standards, so it´s quite positive to have someone like Kobayashi set the example for women. Her sexual appeal is close to nil, thus making her more interesting. Her traits and personality come as normal as they can, replicating what a person would be if they follow a normal life. Also, she has an obsession for Maid-related stuff and have high regards for them.
Image result for kobayashi dragon maid kobayashi working
  • Takiya: he is Kobayashi´s co-worker. He is an Otaku and usually goes to drink with Kobayashi to talk about otaku stuff. Also, he loves playing video games and makes video games to sell in otaku-related events. Fafnir is staying in his home.
  • Saikawa: classmate of Kanna. Has a shiny forehead and loves to hang out with Kanna (there is some scenes that implies that she is in road to becoming lesbian). She has an older sister who is also obsessed with maids called Georgie.
Image result for kobayashi dragon maid fafnir
  • Shouta: useless character. He comes from an esteem mage family and was trying to summon a demon to prove his worth. Lucoa sensed his summoning and, preventing him from summoning an evil demon, decided to appear before him. He is living with Lucoa and have a lot of struggles interacting with Lucoa (mainly because of Lucoa huge sacks).


From the other world: Tohru, Kanna, Fafnir, Lucoa, and Elma.

  • Tohru: she is a dragon that is part of the Chaos faction. Since her meeting with Kobayashi, she is changing her way of thinking. She straight out said that she loves Kobayashi in a sexual way, but it´s really hard to take her statement seriously considering her interactions with Kobayashi ends up being funny. Anyways, her character is unique. In the beginning, it was hard for her to assimilate human culture so she suffered some cultural shock and still does. If something in our modern world custom is not something she knows, she tries to assimilate it with what humans in her world does. She has a hard time trusting humans (considering her background) and is very jealous.
Image result for kobayashi dragon maid kobayashi working


  • Kanna: the loli of the series, and could be considered the Loli of the year (LOTY. Tanya is a hard choice considering her trap background). She is a child with heaps of curiosity. Loves cute things and eating anything she can. She is an electric dragon, so she is like pikachu. She ran away from home due to some mischieve she did and is now staying in Earth. She wish to have a relationship like Tohru-Kobayashi. Kanna is currently staying with Kobayashi.
  • Fafnir: he is… a dragon if I´m not mistaken. When he met video games, he got hooked into it, and is an avid gaming addict. Has a good relationship with Takiya and is staying in his home. He hates humans and divides them into two categories: hit or miss. If it´s a miss, he obliterates them. If it´s a hit, it will usually take him time to open himself to them. He came to Earth to watch out for Tohru.
Image result for kobayashi dragon maid fafnir
  • Lucoa: character inserted in the series just to have someone in the cast with huge boobs. She loves to tease Shouta and is currently staying in his home. She is a former goddess, being stripped of her goddess title when she drank too much and did some stuff. She, also, is worried about Tohru and came to Earth and watch her out.
Image result for kobayashi dragon maid quetzalcoatl
  • Elma: a dragon in the Harmony faction, who believes that dragons should coexist with other beings. Her combat abilities are in par with Tohru but her skills are not as great as Tohru. She is currently living alone in Earth, trying to assimilate our world’s culture and making sure Tohru doesn’t do anything bad. She is working in Kobayashi´s company and is struggling with the modern world.
Image result for kobayashi dragon maid quetzalcoatl

Culture Shock:

One of the aspects I like about this anime is the cultural shock that the dragons encounter when they come into our world. Instead of obliterating our society, they decide to blend in and live among us.

There are a lot of moments in the anime where the dragons don’t know certain aspects of our world and try to cope with it. For example, when Kanna asks Tohru about the Seesaw in the park, Tohru thinks that we humans use it to practice targeting flying enemies, much like a catapult. Kobayashi then explains them what it’s really used for.

The figure below is another example of the cultural shock. Kanna read a book about doing bug hunting, and she went outside to try doing it. Instead of catching the bugs with her net, she eats them.

Image result for kobayashi dragon maid comiket
R.I.P. insect. Peace to your soul.

There is also the video game culture that it’s introduced in the anime. The first video game that it’s shown in the series is Dark Souls, where Takiya is seeing playing it. Dark Souls is a console game in the RPG genre. It’s a very popular game due to its high difficulty and lore. The plot and lore of the game can only be understood if you carefully read everything that happens during the gameplay. Also, the soundtracks of Dark Souls are so epic that they can fit into a new music genre called “Epic Music”.

Anyways, Fafnir became restless watching Takiya playing Dark Souls and wanted to try it. After playing for some time, Fafnir got interested into video games and finally became addicted to it. Additionally, there is a moment in the anime where we see Tohru and Kanna playing Mario Kart.

Related image
Takiya obliterating the poor boss.

There’s also an episode where the Comiket is presented. Comiket is the world’s largest doujinshi fair, where authors sell their printed works. Since it’s very rare for an author to print their doujinshi, you could say that it’s the only place where you can find the authentic printed thing. Additionally, this event is only held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan.

Takiya is going to sell his merchandise and Fafnir is going to sell his Curse for Dummies books. Kobayashi and Tohru goes to help Takiya with his sales. In the figure down below we can find a scene of the Comiket before opening time.

Image result for kobayashi dragon maid episode 7 comiket
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Comiket.

To compare with what is shown in the anime, the figure down below is a photo from a Comiket held in real life when it’s in open time. If we compare the representation of the anime’s Comiket with the real thing, it’s a good interpretation of the event. As such, we can learn from the anime how Japanese people behavior is for this event, which actually impresses me.

Image result for comiket
Comiket. Pic taken from http://survivingcomiket.blogspot.com/p/1-introduction-what-is-comkiet.html


Nevertheless, sometimes the anime hit us with some heavy stuff. Tohru really wants to present Kobayashi to her parents but she can’t do it because her parents would instantly kill Kobayshi just because she is a human.

Also, Fafnir behavior towards humans comes from the countless times the humans in the other world tried to steal his treasure. Now that he is living with Takiya, it took quite a lot of time for Fafnir to open a little to Takiya. Additionally, we are presented a conversation between Fafnir and Tohru where they talk about what Tohru is going to do when Kobayshi dies from old age. Coping with lifespan limitation is something really sad to know, bearing the fact that someday the happy memories that Tohru and Kobayashi are sharing will eventually end.

Opening and Ending Song:

The opening and ending song of an anime is very important for the whole experience of the viewer. One of the fundamental aspects to consider in an opening and ending song for an anime is that their song must match somehow with the scenes shown. When there is a sync between the scenes and song, it grabs the attention of the viewer, enhancing the anime experience. If it doesn’t sync, either the song is memorable or the scene (an example could be Fuuka’s opening. Some parts of the scenes do match with the song, but there are a lot of scenes that feels they were put in there just to fill the holes).

The opening song of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is called “Aozora no Rhapsody” by fhana. Below you can find the opening of the anime.

If you watch it, you can see that the rhythm of the song does have some synergy with the scenes.

The ending song of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is called “Ishukan Communication” by Choro-gonzu. Below you can find the ending of the anime.

If you watch the ending too, you can see that the song does have this synergy with the scenes too. Papa para papapa para paa or something like that is quite catchy 😉

Overall, I’m glad that the ones who put them up gave the effort to make the opening and ending a good experience.

Worth to Watch?

Definitely! It’s an anime to enjoy. The comedy in the anime comes so natural that I can’t help but laugh at them haha!

If you expected some fighting scenes because there are some dragons, it does have some but it’s not the main point of the anime. The animation is not terrible and feels quite unique. It’s a shame that this anime doesn’t have the material to be called a Masterpiece in my opinion, but it’s one of the best for what has been offered in this season.

Image result for kobayashi dragon maid

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