Hello everyone! In my post of New Year Resolutions, I decided to start three new habits. To help motivating myself on keeping up with the habits, there will be monthly reports about my progress on them. This post will be about how I did in February. You can check my January Report by clicking here.

In the figure down below, you can see my stats from the app HabitBull (screenshot taken on March 5):


What am I doing well?

I’m working out every day and meeting my daily quota. This is huge for me. I feel like my brain is rewiring itself and changing me. Nowadays when I wake up, my brain just reminds me to do exercise. I would feel really bad about it if I don’t do it. I’m hoping I can keep meeting my daily quota.

Additionally, the app makes a good job on congratulating and motivating the user! The figure down below shows my achievement when I got a 60 days streak of working out. Totally awesome!


What am I doing wrong?

I haven’t done anything for my other two habits (learning Chinese and learning Japanese). This is becoming rather troublesome and difficult. hmmm… and it’s going to be more difficult to start and keep doing them now that I’m going to start my internship tomorrow (I’m really excited for the internship! Wish me luck and good vibe :D)

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