1. Amazing display of movement sequence shown by Norman to climb the wall.
  2. Norman didn’t escape… and came back to Mama.
  3. Norman finished the investigation they were supposed to do before Mama interrupted last time by himself, thus returning and report back to the gang.
  4. The wall was a cliff. Beyond the wall is a huge pit, thus making the escape more complicated.
  5. Norman drew a rough sketch of how the entire area looks like. It seems that what Ray assumed was right on point. The entire area looks like a hexagon, and it’s divided symmetrically. Also, the entire area is like a cliff.
  6. It seems that the only way to escape is from a bridge located at the Headquarters. Said HQ is in the opposite location of Plantation No. 3 where they are at the moment.
  7. Norman is on its way to the Gate with Mama.


So much information was revealed through Norman’s investigation. Understanding the layout of the  entire area, and where the plantations are located may give rise to a powerful hint for the escape plan.

I won’t accept that Norman is going to be dead until I see his dead body. He was my favorite character and the one who seemed the most interesting out of the trio. Also, since Norman haven’t revealed Emma and Ray about W.M. pen, there’s a high chance that he will still be alive after going through the Gate. W.M. pen has become more important and relevant to the development of the plot now, and how the prison break will go.

Anyways. this chapter was heart breaking and awesome. Chapter 28 didn’t lie when it said that Norman disappeared that day… but it didn’t specify that he would die… so there is still hope. Next chapter will be interesting and see what’s coming next.


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