1. Jin and Tan, the archer bros, are taking their position together with the Chouka tribe. Their goal is to weaken Zhao forces, and make a weak point to force through.
  2. The Chouka tribe started shooting, and at the same time Bajio’s unit is putting up new ladders and climb their way. Jin and Tan haven’t shot a single arrow yet.
  3. Zhao’s archers noticed the detached archer unit (Chouka + archer bros) and started shooting at them and try to slow them down.
  4. Jin mustered his resolve and started killing Zhao’s archers at an incredibly speed. He is headshotting all of them.
  5. Tan tries to shoot at the enemy, but he still can’t.
  6. Jin tries to inspire him, but Tan still can’t muster his resolve.
  7. Bajio’s unit finally arrived at the top.


This chapter focused on the Archer bros. It was inevitable that they couldn’t shoot at first, because it would be their first time killing a living human being. There wasn’t much crap or any flashback to make at least Jin shoot. It was just a matter of how strong your resolve is and if you can carry the burden of killing someone. Tan tried to do it, but it seems that it won’t be until later till we see his ability.

Bajio arriving at the top was the cherry of the cake. The grand entrance to the epic battle coming in the next chapter. Nevertheless, the true MVP of this chapter was Jin.

Overall, the chapter was thrilling. It felt so satisfying watching Jin headshotting everyone.

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