1. It’s the top of the 3rd inning and it’s Seidou’s turn to defend.
  2. Sawamura + Miyuki combo got one of the best runners on Hakuryuu fail in stealing a base.
  3. Sawamura successfully fended off Hakuryuu’s attempt to try to score a run.
  4. At the bottom of the 3rd inning, Hakuryuu didn’t give any runs to Seidou.
  5. Top of the 4th inning, Hakuryuu still can’t do anything about the prowess of Sawamura’s pitching + Miyuki’s calling.
  6. Chapter ends with Furuya deep in thought.


This chapter was awesome. Finally, Sawamura got the stable screen time he deserves. Also, Hakuryuu’s ace is giving trouble for Seidou, not letting them have a wide gap ahead in the score.

Hakuryuu’s coach saw Miyuki’s strong arm in action, and is quite perplexed on how they pulled off the combo to prevent their runner on stealing a base.

The chapter ended with Furuya deep in thought. I’m hoping he doesn’t say any selfish crap and destroy his potential. At the moment, he needs to fine tune his skills and lay low.

Overall, the chapter felt so amazing, and it may be due to Sawamura finally getting his deserved share of screen time. I believe next chapter will tackle Furuya, maybe Furuya asking the coach to let him pitch for the game too.

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