1. We get to see about who is Hoshiumi, and also watch him play.
  2. Hinata is happy for being able to meet someone like Hoshiumi.


First of all, maybe I made a mistake in my last review of this manga. Instead of being the Small Giant, Hoshiumi is the Little Giant.

From the chapter, we can see that his overall abilities are higher than Hinata (Hoshiumi can make solid service ace, something that Hinata hasn’t accomplished yet). Also, the chapter made a huge emphasis that Hoshiumi hates being interview and becoming the center of attention, but he still is the ace (a contradiction).

Hoshiumi’s jumping power is higher than Hinata’s, which may prompt Hinata to evolve during the tournament.

The chapter ends with the first round officially over. Next chapter seems like a chapter where we see the players rest.

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