1. Togata, Midoriya, and Chisaki discusses over the little incident that the little girl just made.
  2. Togata wants to smoothly finish the discussion and walk away, preventing Chisaki from getting any intel. Midoriya, seeing that Eri, the little gir, is clutching on him really hard, decides to confront Chisaki about it.
  3. Chisaki gave his killing aura, which prompts Eri to go back to Chisaki.
  4. It seems Eri is vital to the plans of The Eight Precepts of Death.
  5. Shigaraki contacts Chisaki.


This chapter was intense. First, we learn Togata’s Hero name, which is Lumillion (sounds something related to million).

During the encounter with Chisaki, the best course of action to follow was what Togata wanted to do, but Midoriya didn’t back off. Midoriya, full of hero spirit, wanted to protect Eri from the evil grasps of Chisaki, but in the end Eri went back to Chisaki. This may infer that Eri is tired of seeing people she reach out being killed by the Yakuza. Thus, she went back to Chisaki before Midoriya and Togata get killed.

In the end of the chapter, we learn that Eri is important to the Yakuza… meaning that Eri must have a special quirk. Also, Shigaraki contacts Chisaki, which may lead to an unusual alliance. Next chapter seems like the continuation, where we may see the conversation between Chisaki and Shigaraki. Also, there is a possibility that next chapter begins with Togata scolding Midoriya for being reckless.

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