1. Emma doesn’t want Norman to meet his doom and tries to make him run. Norman notices Emma’s actions and prevents her from doing something reckless.
  2. Mama warns Emma that if she tries to do anything else, Mama will kill her.
  3. Norman and Mama are going to the gate.
  4. When Mama opens the door where Norman is supposedly going to meet the demons, he made a surprised face.
  5. Next morning, every kid woke up, and Emma is sad that Norman left. Ray didn’t speak with Emma.


This chapter was focused on the emotional aspect of Norman waiting to meet his doom. We see Emma in action and try to save Norman, but it was futile. It’s a real shame that Emma is still a naive girl, and her actions almost jeopardize everything Norman worked for. I still hope that Emma can still become a likable character.

The most interesting parts of this chapter came from Norman. One of the part was the fact that Norman is carrying W.M. pen inside his suitcase. It wasn’t explicitly said, but Mama made a remark that Norman’s suitcase wasn’t heavy and didn’t carry much, which Norman agreed.

Additionally, Norman expressed a surprised face when Mama opened the door where demons supposedly come from. We can infer from Norman’s reactions that he wasn’t going to meet his doom. Instead, he was going somewhere else. Also, we didn’t get to see Norman’s dead body so I believe that Norman is still alive and kicking.

Overall, the chapter made a proper closure on Norman’s participation of the escape plan and hopefully won’t appear in a while. Next chapter will be the beginning of a new stage, where I hope that the characters like Emma get more developed.

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