Hello everyone! This is Moonid an it’s been a while since I’ve posted something (sorry for that. I’m getting used to my new lifestyle). Today I want to present you what I believe to be the X-Men movie franchise timeline that probably makes sense (for me it totally does. I hope it makes sense for you too!).

After I watched Logan, I saw some videos about the X-Men movie timeline and it just didn’t click me (one of them stated that Logan happened in the X-Men Apocalypse timeline, which I strongly object).

My belief on how the timeline of the X-Men movie franchise is unfolding can be seen in the next picture:

xmen timeline

T1 and T2 stands for Timeline 1 and Timeline 2 respectively. T1.1 and T1.2 can be seen as branches of the same Timeline 1.

I will explain briefly on why I believe this can be the right timelines of the movie franchise. First, all of this timeline crap started because of Days of Future Past. Wolverine traveled back in time to foil the assassination of Trask, thus preventing the impending doom that awaited them in the future. After Wolverine finished his business in Days of Future Past, his conciousness returned to the future, in a reality where there is no danger of Sentinels or anything.

Manipulating time is a serious matter, where every decision can split a timeline into different branches. The action of preventing the assassination must have created timeline 1.2, thus creating the conditions for the movie Logan to happen. Aditionally, Timeline 2 was created from his action. So, when Wolverine returned to the future, he didn’t go back to his original body, but his body T1.2. This explains all the references in the movie Logan.

This explanation makes Timeline 2 a new fresh start for the X-Men movie franchise. So yeah, this is my version of how I believe the timeline of X-Men movie franchise is.

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