1. Emma, Ray, Don, and Gilda are dealing with the aftermath of Norman´s departure. Emma and Ray are really hurt and all hope is lost.
  2. Ray backs off from the escape plan, now that all his efforts for the past years were for naught.
  3. Mama tries to persuade Emma into becoming a Mama, but Emma struggles. In the end, all we see is Emma moping around.
  4. Two months has passed, and it´s time for Ray to be shipped out.
  5. It seems that Emma hasn´t given up on the escape plan.


This chapter was so good! I thought the mangaka would write about one or two chapters before the shipment date of Ray, just to make the gang try to struggle against the system. At this rhythm, it won´t be long before we see Norman again! (yes!).

Don and Gilda deserves the MVP for useless supporting character. They absolutely did nothing in this chapter. Maybe they did something in the 2 months time lapse and we haven´t seen it yet.

In this chapter, we discovered how kids were born into the farm. It seems that Mama must have given birth, and I call dips that Ray could potentially be hers.

Also, the tone of the chapter was full of despair (Danganronpa mood yo). At the end of the chapter, we see Emma with her face brimmed with hope. I wonder what does she have in store for us… more naivety to piss off the reader, or something amazing?

Next chapter seems really promising so don´t miss it! Also, I love how the plot in this manga develops. No wasted chapter on a meaningless crap.

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