1. Furuya is overestimating his abilities, gambling on impossible odds (he hit the pitch and was aiming to get into 3rd base, but he got out).
  2. Sawamura is pitching incredibly.
  3. Hakuryuu´s battery feels that Seidou isn´t aiming for their Slider, so they are planning to send more Slider into the strike zone.
  4. Seeing that Hakuryuu´s battery noticed the pattern, Coach Kataoka informs the team that for the next inning, they will aim for their slider specifically.


Take that Furuya! Stop being so high and land on Earth. The world doesn´t revolve around you. Go Sawamura! Take the Ace number!

ahem- anyways, Hakuryuu´s coach seems to be taking notes of Sawamura´s pitching, which may lead to Hakuryuu´s batter give some trouble to Sawamura in the later innings. The trial for Sawamura to struggle will begin soon… or so I proclaim.

If in the next inning Seidou doesn´t get additional runs from Hakuryuu, it will spell trouble for Seidou for the upcoming season.

Also, seeing Coach Kataoka finally being the coach he is supposed to be feels really nice.

Overall, this chapter feels like the prelude of a great storm. Don´t miss out the next chapter!.

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