1. We learn how Togata got under the wings of Sir Nighteye.
  2. Midoriya and All Might deepen their relationship after they finished talking.
  3. Uraraka and Tsuyi are doing their internship under the guidance of the top 9 hero, Ryukyu, together with third year Nejire.
  4. Apparently, Sir Nighteye is forming a team of heroes to investigate about The Eight Precepts of Death. Coincidentally, all the third years we were introduced are part of the team.
  5. Shigaraki is meeting with Chisaki.


It seems that Sir´s quirk is really useful, being able to predict so far in the future with a high accuracy. Using his foresight, Sir predicted that All Might will die very soon. Now that cat´s out of the bag, the relationship between Midoriya and All Might deepened a little more.

It seems that Uraraka and Tsuyi are doing their internship together with third year Nejire, under the wings of top hero no. 9. Additionally, we also will see the other third year in this arc because of a team up effort organized by Sir Nighteye. (oohhh boy, things are going to get wild very soon). What a coincidence that three third years, and three first years are going to be part of the team.

The chapter ended with Shigaraki meeting with Chisaki again. I wonder if they are going to join hands temporarily?

Overall, the chapter tied the truth behind the relationship between All Might and Sir Nighteye. I wonder what the next chapter has to offer.

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