1. If Karasuno and Nekoma wins their next match, the Battle of the Trash Heap will finally happen.
  2. Karasuno next opponent is Inarizaki High School. Runner up of the Inter High and favorite to win the tournament.
  3. It seems that Inarazaki has a lot of players to watch out for, including the Miya Bros (strongest twins in the high school volleyball world).


There was so much hype in this chapter about Miya Atsumu (the setter that pissed off Kageyama, telling him that he was a goody-two shoes). Additionally, they have other players to watch out for, setting the bar higher.

This match looks very promising and I bet that it will take a long time to finish it (I´m guessing somewhat around 20-30 chapters to finish it).

Next chapter will be the beginning of the match.

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