1. Ray and Emma never gave up in the escape plan.
  2. It was all part of the strategy for Ray and Emma to not do anything in the past two months. Mama was watching them closely so they were in check. Nevertheless, that means that Don and Gilda could afford to move around without Mama taking a hint.
  3. The preparations to run away is ready thanks to Don and Gilda (at last you guys were useful).
  4. There are fundamentally two problems for the prison break: Mama is on guard, and the security on the bridge.
  5. Ray proposes that their prison break should be executed at night time, and in that very night.
  6. The first step of the plan is to set the house on fire, distracting Mama from watching over all the kids. Emma pops the question of what would happen if Mama were to abandon the house, which Ray replies by setting himself on oil and then setting himself on fire. *Truly marvelous*.


Amazing chapter! There was a foreshadowing that Ray was planning on dying. If I remember correctly, it was around the time that Norman discovered that Ray was the spy. Norman knew that Ray was preparing to atone for his sins. Setting yourself in fire is a torturous and painful way to die, plus helping with the prison break at the same time is truly a marvelous way to sacrifice oneself.

It was interesting the fact about Ray and Emma not doing anything in the past two months, making Don and Gilda actually be more useful to the prison break. Additionally, making their tag game a success is splendid! Good job Don and Gilda.

As a side note, I strongly believe that Norman is not dead yet. Heck, it would not be a stretch to say that there is a probability that Norman was sent to another plantation. If my scenario does play, then we will be witness to one big prison break.

The manga is coming to an end at this rhythm. Hopefully, I hope it keeps its momentum of keeping the plot very intriguing. Next chapter looks very promising.

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