1. Mama is planning an all-nighter to prevent anything bad from happening.
  2. Mama hears Emma´s cry and rushes to the dining room. When she got it, she saw a sea of fire. When she used her tracker, there was a signal inside the sea of flame, hinting that Ray may be inside.
  3. Mama rushes and wants to put out the fire ASAP. Amidst all the chaos, Emma vanishes.
  4. Mama finds that Emma cut her left ear, and thinks back to what the children were wearing before leaving the house cause of the fire.
  5. Every child is safe outside, and we can see Ray with a towel on his left ear, hinting that he also cut his left ear and left it in the dining room to trick Mama.
  6. All of this is going according to Norman´s plan.


This chapter was epic!

I knew that Norman wasn´t dead, but what surprised me the most is that Ray is still alive and kicking. With how the last chapter ended, I thought for sure that Ray was committing suicide, but apparently there was a scene in-between Ray throwing the match and Emma shouting his name.

There´s a big possibility that W.M. pen must have played a big role in connecting Emma with Norman, like a communication device. Maybe the pen has an invisible ink and you need a special light to read the contents.

We finally see Mama enraged. What a beautiful time to be alive. Also, Ray having a face that don´t know what the heck happened is a great sight to see. Congratulations Emma for being useful.

Overall, the chapter was better than I expected. Next chapter looks very promising.

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