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May 2017

Ballroom e Youkoso PV 4!!

Hello everyone! This is the 4th PV for the upcoming Ballroom e Youkoso! In this PV, the viewer can get a little glimpse of how competitive is the ballroom sport. It is scheduled to be aired on july 9. Also,... Continue Reading →


Ballroom e Youkoso PV 3!

Hi everyone! This is the 3rd PV for the upcoming Ballroom e Youkoso anime! In this PV, we are introduced to the first set of important characters in the series: Tatara, Shizuku, Kiyoharu, and Sengoku. Gaju and Mako will make... Continue Reading →

Ballroom e Youkoso PV 2!!

Hey guys! This is the PV 2 of Ballroom e Youkoso! In this PV, we can see some scenes that makes up the beginning of the series. Thus, I can infer that episode 1 will end with the ending scene... Continue Reading →

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