Hello everyone! I’ve been waiting for the anime of Ballroom e Youkoso for a long time and now it finally happened!

Ballroom e Youkoso, or Welcome to the Ballroom, is an anime that focus on competitive ballroom dancing. The main protagonist, Fujita Tatara, is a young teenager who is struggling with his life career choice. I believe we all have been through the same struggle or are still going through it, and it’s actually not really easy to decide. We all need some kind of push to move us forward.

Anyways, Fujita received the small push when he saw the video of Sengoku dancing in the world championship, and thus the legend of the boy who wished to do something he really likes begin…

ballroom e youkoso

In short, the episode does a good job in putting everything together for the beginning. I feel that they should have spent a little bit more on the scene where Fujita is watching Sengoku’s dancing video so that his decision to do dancing wouldn’t feel rushed. Either that or put all the scenes from the manga they skipped that led to this point.

The essence of Fujita in this episode is that he wants to change, even if it’s a little bit. This could be seen in the manga when Fujita put up a front against the bullies to prevent them from disturbing Ogasawara Dance Studio, especially to Shizuku. In the anime, the first change would be the second change in the manga, which is starting to learn dancing and go pro.

There are some differences with the manga but I guess it’s because of the timeframe an anime episode has. They skipped a looot of funny scenes for the anime and a lot of Tatara’s thinking. Ballroom e Youkoso manga has a lot of scenes where the character’s thought adds more flavor to the story. I’m worried that this may hinder the true potential Ballroom e Youkoso can offer.

Thanks for reading my review for the episode 1 of Ballroom e Youkoso!