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OWLS October Theme – Dreamers

“What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

Like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore–

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over–

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

– Langston Hughes

Due to recent events that happened in September, this month’s OWLS topic will be on “Dreamers.” Every individual has a goal or ambition that they devote their whole life to with passion and courage—whether it’s landing your dream job, traveling, or finding the love of your life. However, there are those who spent their whole life working towards a dream but it was cut short due to an unexpected occurrence. Those people are left only to dream and wonder about the possibility.

This month’s topic will be dedicated to these characters in pop culture entertainment. We are not going to focus on the individuals that achieved their aspirations but instead, we will focus on characters that weren’t able to. We will explore what happens to characters who had their wings forcefully cut off as well as those who gave up before they even started their journey. We will also discuss what it means for “a dream to be deferred.”


For this month’s theme, I’m going to talk about Suzuka Asahina from the manga/anime called Suzuka. In case you don’t know about Suzuka, you can read the synopsis for it down below.

Synopsis (from MyAnimeList): Easygoing and energetic Yamato Akitsuki is ready to start his high school life in Tokyo. Having been invited by his aunt to stay rent-free at her housing complex, he unhesitatingly accepts her offer. But unbeknownst to him, the boarding house is actually an all-girls dormitory.

Upon visiting his new school, Yamato catches sight of a girl training for the high jump. Amazed by her athletic ability and beauty, he yearns to learn more about her. To his fortune, this girl, Suzuka Asahina, lives right next door to him—but all of their encounters thus far has given Suzuka a bad impression of him. In spite of the constant misunderstandings, Yamato still joins the track team with the intent of impressing her and soon discovers he has the potential to become a top hundred-meter sprinter. With friendship, and possibly love on the line, Yamato trains his heart out in order to win over the girl he loves.

Suzuka Asahina was a young female teenager who had a promising career in the track & field  area, specifically the high jump. She had a bright future, subject of envy for most people. This was all possible thanks to all the countless hours of effort and dedication she gave her all for the sport, which is worthy of admiration. With all her achievements and dedication, she could have become one of the top athletes representing Japan in the Olympics and bring honor to her family. Sadly, her personality was very shitty, pushing up the limit of bearable for a tsundere-type of girl. Due to an unfortunate meeting with a young man called Yamato Akitsuki, Suzuka’s bright future fell apart.

Yamato Akitsuki felt enchanted by Suzuka’s beautiful high jump on a lazy afternoon in the school training grounds, sparking feelings of love for such a delicate figure. Unbeknownst to Yamato, he was going to enter a world of full of pain with each interaction he had with Suzuka, always being on the short end of the stick. He got into the Track & Field club of the school to get closer to Suzuka, discovering on the way that he has a lot of potential to becoming one of the top runners in the 100 m race.

After going through many hardships (overcoming dead love interest) and crap (i.e. love triangle crap, childhood love interest crap, long distance relationship crap, etc), Yamato finally succeeded in grasping Suzuka’s heart completely, finally moving toward a happy future. By this time, Suzuka’s shitty personality toned down a little bit. Now they only had to succeed in their respective sport of expertise (Suzuka for High Jump and Yamato for 100 m race), become the pride of Japan and everything would be perfect…

Image result for tsundere suzuka anime

or not?

Motherf*c- I mean, Yamato agreed to followed his best friend’s (Yasunobu) advice to have sex with Suzuka because they were already a couple. Suzuka, also understanding the situation, agreed to becoming closer to Yamato and have sex with him. They had sex, and ta-dah! Suzuka got a surprise gift in her womb. Suzuka got pregnant! (this was very, very shocking for me. Didn’t expect the mangaka to pull the pregnancy crap as an obstacle. Heck, if you check Seo Kouji other works like Kimi No Iru Machi, you will be asking how in the world can the mangaka pulled random things and get away with it)

Motherf*c- I mean, Yamato put in jeopardy Suzuka’s athletic future. A painful decision indeed: Abort the baby and keep going with her High Jump Sport career? or Keep the baby and surrender her future with High Jump?

Even Motherf*c- I mean, Yamato was not free of this painful decision and had a lot of thinking to do. Oh and let’s not forget that both of them were still in high school and not graduated yet.

In the end, due to Motherf*c- I mean, Yamato’s selfish wish and request of keeping the baby, Suzuka finally decided on keeping the baby and give birth to their offspring.

Related image

Yamato had to cope with many things like: how is he going to support the baby, where can they afford a place to live, how will their future turn out like, etc. Additionally, Yamato had to convince Suzuka’s parent on how serious he was in their relationship. (this moment was glorious. It made the reader feel very connected to the manga on how realistic it was)

Thankfully, everything turned out wel. Suzuka gave birth to their child, they would be staying in the apartments where they were staying, and Yamato succeeded on getting a job in a sports company that could help Yamato keep training and compete in the 100 m race.

As mentioned above, at this point in time Suzuka would devote her life in becoming the best housewife for the family she was creating, vanishing all her future with the High Jump Sport and represent Japan in the Olympics. All her effort she put in the sport vanished. Certainly, there were ways for Suzuka to come back to the scene but she decided to support her family and become a pillar of strength to Yamato. It is very honorable to see women like this. For Suzuka, it was the ending of a dream for a new beginning with her new family where their future was uncertain.

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After graduation from high school, Yamato and Suzuka officially got married. It was a beautiful scene. Yamato Akitsuki and Suzuka Akitsuki.

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Oh yeah. And the baby. The baby was named Fuuka. Fuuka Akitsuki.

Image result for fuuka

Guess what? Years later when Fuuka got into high school and was about to graduate, she got trucked (done in by truck-kun). She had finally found what she wanted to do with her life and was aiming to fulfill her dream together with her band. How sad and infuriating it was to see this scene.


When Fuuka’s band mates went to pay their respect to Fuuka, Suzuka happened to meet them and told them encouraging words to keep on moving forward.

Suzuka Akitsuki. A strong woman everyone can learn from.

By this point in the post I think I even covered more than I should haha.

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