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What is a Journey? [OWLS]

Hello! Welcome to my post for OWLS´ August 2018 Tour! In case you want a quick glance on what OWLS is, you can click here. This month’s blog tour theme is “Journey”. If you haven’t read the post before this one in the tour, you can find it on the blog of wonders by… *drum roll*…



What is a Journey?…

You may have asked yourself this question multiple times throughout your life… or maybe not explicitly “what is a journey?” but a similar question. Maybe you were solving a very difficult Physics problem which asked you to solve the mysteries of the universe based on the initial velocity of an object with mass equal to that of an apple.

Well, a journey can be anything you want it to be. If you believe that solving a really hard science problem is your journey to success, you are not wrong. It is up to each of us to interpret the kind of journey we want to have for our own lives.

I have been conflicted by this same concept throughout my life. The typical problem that each of us face is the same kind that I experience and ask myself… What is our real purpose in living and what is our dream? What do we want to achieve? And the way to solve these problems is… through a journey of discovery and self-reflection.

Let me tell you a brief story about my life and a little journey I have gone through: when I was a kid in primary school, I thought that if I were to study really hard, the love of my life would appear and make my life whole. I did my very best in the academics field and became a honor student. This was my journey to love. Years went by with this same doctrine until I graduated from high school. The result? The love of my life never appeared or maybe it appeared but we never became a thing haha. At least I got scholarships out of it though haha.


So…  what about Violet Evergarden and why did she appear in the cover of this post? Um… well… the cover pic looks very nice and beautiful and I thought that it would great on this post XD hahaha!

Anyways… Violet also experienced a journey during her life after the war ended: she wanted to discover what love meant because this was the last “word” Major Gilbert told her (technically, it was a sentence). She became a Doll and went on numerous business travel to attend her customers in hope that she would understand little by little what human emotions were made of. Initially, she was a really bad employee and if we were her boss, we would really have a hard time dealing with her. Thankfully, she had great colleagues that understood her little by little, until they trusted her.

Therefore…what was initially a problematic newbie with no understanding on how human feelings influence in a relationship, she became an amazing Doll.

From her story, what we can learn is that through experience and failure, we grow and walk a little bit forward in our journey. Well. If you watched the movie “Christopher Robin”, Winnie Pooh may enlighten you a little more with his astounding remarks and way to view life.

Before I finish this post… I believe we can argue that during the anime, Violet experienced three kinds of journey: job, self-healing, self-discovery… and love is the one variable which tied them all for Violet… although it was the kind of sad love… because… Major… Major…

*Finishes the post with dramatic scene like how it is done in Violet Evergarden**


I hope you enjoyed my OWLS blog post for August 2018! Next in line for this month’s tour is The OG Weeb Commie, AKA Jack, from Aniwriter! so please check it out in his blog when it’s published (August 16, 2018… so yeah. Tomorrow.)!

OWLS August 2018 Theme – Journey

We have all heard this saying in some shape or form: “Life is a journey.” We travel down a path in hope that we reach a goal or destination, but the travel in getting there isn’t always easy. Along the way, we encounter some personal struggles. It is in those moments where we must overcome an adversity to complete our journey or take a different route or path instead. In this month’s OWLS post, we will be discussing the personal journeys of pop culture creators, icons, and characters. We will explore the journeys that these characters went through, discuss the process and experiences they had on their journeys, what they discover about themselves, or share our own personal journeys.


Epic Music [OWLS]

Hello! It’s been a huge while since I have posted something. Welcome to my post for OWLS´ April 2018 Tour! In case you want a quick glance on what OWLS is, you can click here. This month’s blog tour theme is “Melody”. If you haven’t read the post before this one in the tour, you can find it on Scott’s blog.


For this month’s theme, I want to talk about one of my favorite music genre and how it has made a significant impact in my life: Epic Music. Popular Youtube channels where you can listen to epic music are Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine.

Epic music is a genre that is specialized in mixing harmonically the sounds of different kinds of instruments (whether they be acoustic or electronic) to produce a musical piece that can move the heart of the listener, resurface memories, ignite strong emotions, etc. Epic music that have a fighting uplifting feeling is predominant. Usually, a person can associate an epic music with a movie/video game  soundtrack.

Another definition that complements Epic Music is that it’s a genre that can tell a story through its music. It’s versatile for story telling because it immerses the listener into his/her own imagination, provoking an eargasm in some cases.

Resultado de imagen para pandora journey

Epic music videos are accompanied by a beautiful background that may, more or less, enhance the experience. Pandora Journey videos implements a visual gimmick into it, making it very appealing to watch their compilation videos. An interesting fact that I can provide from my experience watching their compilation is that their videos have a strong storytelling element on it, conveying a whole story from only music.


When I was a student at high school, it was very overwhelming handling all the homework with a 100% focus. It was tiresome and difficult to concentrate sometimes when we have so many entertainment distractions while browsing in the internet. Searching for a music stimuli to keep me going, I accidentally stumbled upon chillstep, a music sub-genre from dubstep that uses electronic sounds to produce aphrodisiac feelings in the listener (you can search for Blackmill for a taste of it).

When I got bored at chillstep, I moved onto Post-rock due to a recommendation from a close friend (there are a lot of popular bands in this category: Explosions in the Sky, God is an Astronaut, Dorena, Etc…) Finally, I discovered Epic Music, specifically Pandora Journey’s 2 hour compilation videos, where they got me focused on the task at hand from the school for a good 2 hour.

It has also helped me in times of emotional disturbance (love, self-esteem, betrayals, life unfairness and injustice, etc.) I can say that it softened my pain from love because I had a dead weight feeling pulling me down all the times… when the person I loved didn’t feel like reciprocating the feeling, treating me as a friend all the time.

Also, I can proudly say that my self-esteem is very high due to the powerful feelings an epic music can do to someone, making us feel special and that we are needed in this world, that we need to fight for this world regardless of the crappy situations around us. People may hinder us or throw banana peels at us like in Mario Kart, but we have to keep moving forward because we weren’t blessed with an easy game save file in our hands. We were born with a game save file in Nightmare mode and we have to cherish the journey along it because…

It’s our pride.


I hope you enjoyed my OWLS blog post for April 2018! Next in line for this month’s tour is Gigi so please check it out in her Youtube channel when it’s published (April 24th, 2018)!

Thanks for reading! and please check out the facebook page! (I need to put some love into it…)

OWLS April 2018 Theme – Melody

In one way, music is a form of healing and self-expression. For this month’s topic, we will be exploring some of our favorite musical pieces (anime/drama OSTs, movie soundtracks, music genres and etc.) and how it has impacted our lives and/or reasons why we enjoy listening to it.

Do you… like Glory? [OWLS]

Hello! Welcome to the first post of OWLS´ Febraury 2018 Tour! In case you want a quick glance on what OWLS is, you can click here. This month’s blog tour theme is “Competition”.

For this month’s theme, I want to talk about one of my favorite characters in The King’s Avatar world: Ye Xiu.

For anyone who doesn’t know about The King’s Avatar, it is a popular Chinese web novel story which made its way into TV program during Spring 2017. The plot revolves around the world of esports of a popular MMOARPG (Acronym for Massive Multiplayer Online Action Role-Playing Game) called “Glory”.

The King’s Avatar is characterized to have a strong world building element, immersing the reader/viewer into its world, which mechanics and ethics are practically the same as in the real world. Additionally, it features a huge amount of characters, each one having its own set of peculiarities that sets them apart from each other. As if it were not enough, there is the element of “Teams”, like basketball team clubs, where readers/viewers can partake on cheering their favorite Team in their hearts as they moved forward in the plot.

Although the story is already finished, the fan base is very strong and it’s growing. Several “donghua” (anime) are in the planning for this series, with Season 2 coming in this upcoming spring season.

Related image

Ye Xiu is the main protagonist of The King’s Avatar. He is a pro player of Glory with numerous achievements. He has a high level of knowledge regarding the game, high mechanical skill, and the tactics he employs are very effective, earning him the title of Great God + Master Tactician. In other words, he stands at the very summit of a pro player career.

He was signed with the team called Excellent Era. Although Ye Xiu brought many glory to Excellent Era (three time champions in the first three seasons), he was getting older. Due to Ye Xiu not wanting to appear in any sort of publicity stunt, Excellent Era decided to replace him with a fresh talent and force Ye Xiu to retire, in hopes that Ye Xiu doesn’t bring them trouble in the future.

Stripped of his position in the team as Team Captain, forced to retire by the team and not wanting remain as a training partner, Ye Xiu wandered in the lonely snowy streets.

Related image

What you have read so far can practically sum up the career of any pro player in the real world (not only for esports): rising talent, get a lot of achievements, and then retire from the scene because of one reason or another. Afterwards, the pro player can still participate in one way or another, like becoming a manager or coach to new players.

What I’m to write here is a short excerpt of how a retired pro player struggled from the very bottom, up to the ending of the tv show in spring 2017 (with a little spoiler haha, any more and it would spoil everything, like how a football match is not fun when you already know the score).

Related image

Ye Xiu was very lucky to stumble into an Internet Cafe that could meet his requirements of being able to work and be able to play Glory. Additionally, the establishment offered him a humble shelter where he could rest.

Coincidentally, on the date he was forced to retired, a new server in the Glory game was going to launched, prompting Ye Xiu to start anew. He would use an old keepsake Avatar with its unusual weapon, struggle it out with average online player, resist the Big Guilds influence on the online game, and upgrade his character’s strength.

During his journey, he found hidden talents among the regular online players, recruiting them under his tutelage wings, and little by little, he was moving towards the route of making a new team and win the championship again.


As if it were not enough, Excellent Era kept messing up with Ye Xiu time and time again, not wanting Ye Xiu to get onto the pro scene again. The other guilds feared Ye Xiu for disrupting their expansion plans, searching for a way to stop Ye Xiu’s momentum.

When the new team Ye Xiu was part of got into the pro scene, nobody believed that they would win the championship the same season they entered. It was inconceivable that a grassroots team could do it. It was up to Ye Xiu and his new found teammates he could rely on to overturn this skeptical view and create a miracle.

Although Ye Xiu, as a pro player, is a very outstanding player that every team feared due to his overwhelming knowledge and prowess, he alone can’t achieve everything alone. Glory wasn’t a simple game where one person could smash everything. It was a multiplayer game that relied heavily on cooperation and mutual understanding of teammates to achieve greater things.

In truth… I really admire Ye Xiu. Against all odds, he didn’t surrender. Instead, he made the best of what he had, use his head, and work his way up together with the new team he helped build: Team Happy. Overall, it was the passion Ye Xiu had for the game that made me admire him.

Do you like this game…If you like it, then treat everything as glory and not boasting.

– Ye Xiu

OWLS February 2018 Theme – Competition

In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics, this month topic will focus on the theme, “Competition” because the Olympics is where athletes from all countries join together to compete in sporting events. Through these events, we see how “competition” brings out the grit, the teamwork, and the competitive spirit within athletes. This month, we will be exploring anime and pop culture media that discusses the good and the bad when it comes to competition and what it can teach us about ourselves and the world around us.


I hope you enjoyed my OWLS blog post for February 2018! Next in line for this month’s tour is Pop Culture Literary so please check it out in her blog when it’s published!

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