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I love watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. I believe in the powerful stories that each of us has, and together we can shape the world for a better future.

Nightingale’s Decision [OWLS]

Hello! Welcome to my post to OWLS´ January 2018 Tour! In case you want a quick glance on what OWLS is, you can click here. This month’s blog tour theme is “Revival”. OWLS January 2018 Theme – Revival A new year... Continue Reading →

Silent Betrayal [Short Poem]

A whisper in can be heard, A wish to God is offered, Everlasting plan is cooked, Eager wish to be fulfilled. Time passes by, waiting for no one, The body grows old, but wish is strong, Finally, the wish goes... Continue Reading →

Straining Steps [Short Poem]

Short Poem

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