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Ace of Diamond Act 2

Manga Chapter Review: Ace of Diamond Act II 69

Summary: Kominato hit a double, giving Kuramochi the chance to sprint home. Thus, Seidou is the first to score. The third batter, Shirasu, hit the first pitch thrown at him, but Mima's speed got him out. Miyuki got strikeout. Review:... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Ace of Diamond Act II 68

Summary: Sawamura shut down Hakuryuu´s attack with his aggressive pitching + Miyuki´s call. He pitched the number 7 (cutter custom) to the 4th batter, which is like the secret weapon of Sawamura. It´s Seidou´s turn to attack, and Kuramochi successfully... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review 67: Ace of Diamond Act II 67

Summary: The first batter from Hakuryuu got out. He almost reaches safely to the first base. The second batter hit off a high change up pitch from Sawamura and gets on first base. Also, he tries to get a running... Continue Reading →

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