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Manga Chapter Review: Haikyuu!! 247

Summary: If Karasuno and Nekoma wins their next match, the Battle of the Trash Heap will finally happen. Karasuno next opponent is Inarizaki High School. Runner up of the Inter High and favorite to win the tournament. It seems that... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Haikyuu!! 246

Summary: Honoka seems to like Tanaka, but Tanaka practically turned Honoka down. Reason being that Tanaka likes Shimizu. The seeded schools will finally make their appearance in the tournament. Review: Damn you Tanaka. Honoka is such a nice girl. I... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Haikyuu!! 245

Summary: We get to see about who is Hoshiumi, and also watch him play. Hinata is happy for being able to meet someone like Hoshiumi. Review: First of all, maybe I made a mistake in my last review of this... Continue Reading →

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