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Manga Chapter Review: Kingdom 509

Summary: Shin is not used to handling Ouki's glaive. Qin captured Retsubi. The Qin army nos has to understand the layout of Retsubi and make it their own. If they can't do that, attacking Gyou would be difficult. Apparently, Retusbi's... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Kingdom 508

Summary: Bajio displayed his battle prowess, annihilating the Zhao soldiers. The mountain tribe did swift work of Zhao, and opened the gates of Retsubi. The Hi Shin unit entered the castle and started engaging the Zhao soldiers. The new recruits... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Kingdom 507

Summary: Jin and Tan, the archer bros, are taking their position together with the Chouka tribe. Their goal is to weaken Zhao forces, and make a weak point to force through. The Chouka tribe started shooting, and at the same... Continue Reading →

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