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The Seven Deadly Sins

Manga Chapter Review: The Seven Deadly Sin 210

Summary: Gowther and Melascula from the Ten Commandments are corrupting the gate that connects to heaven, turning it into a gate that connects to the underworld. The humans in Stigma, including the one who looks like Ban, betrays the alliance... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: The Seven Deadly Sins 204

Summary: Lady Elizabeth is negotiating with the Ten Commandments. Rueduciel appears, making it seem that Lady Elizabeth was stalling for time. Derieri stroke Elizabeth down. The huge ball of light that contained the demonĀ“s kinship held hostage exploded at the... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Short Summary: The Seven Deadly Sins 202

There is two point of interest that we can get out of this chapter: The cast for the Holy War is appearing, with the astounding appearance of one of the four archangels called Ryudoshel. The important choice for the trial... Continue Reading →

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