Manga Chapter Review: Haikyuu!! 247

Summary: If Karasuno and Nekoma wins their next match, the Battle of the Trash Heap will finally happen. Karasuno next opponent is Inarizaki High School. Runner up of the Inter High and favorite to win the tournament. It seems that... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: My Hero Academia 131

Summary: We learn how Togata got under the wings of Sir Nighteye. Midoriya and All Might deepen their relationship after they finished talking. Uraraka and Tsuyi are doing their internship under the guidance of the top 9 hero, Ryukyu, together... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: My Hero Academia 130

Summary: The chapter explained why they are investigating The Eight Precepts of Death. We learn more about the relationship between Sir and All Might. Review: It seems that Chisaki can be a formidable opponent. His quirk seems to be related to... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Haikyuu!! 246

Summary: Honoka seems to like Tanaka, but Tanaka practically turned Honoka down. Reason being that Tanaka likes Shimizu. The seeded schools will finally make their appearance in the tournament. Review: Damn you Tanaka. Honoka is such a nice girl. I... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Ace of Diamond Act II 71

Summary: Furuya is overestimating his abilities, gambling on impossible odds (he hit the pitch and was aiming to get into 3rd base, but he got out). Sawamura is pitching incredibly. Hakuryuu´s battery feels that Seidou isn´t aiming for their Slider, so... Continue Reading →

How to Watch Danganronpa 3 Anime?

To fully live the experience of watching the conclusion of Hope Peak arc anime, you need to watch the episodes in a certain way as to not spoil yourself and kill the surprise element. The anime is divided into 2... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: The Promised Neverland 31

Summary: Emma, Ray, Don, and Gilda are dealing with the aftermath of Norman´s departure. Emma and Ray are really hurt and all hope is lost. Ray backs off from the escape plan, now that all his efforts for the past... Continue Reading →

What I believe to be the X-Men Movies Timeline

Hello everyone! This is Moonid an it's been a while since I've posted something (sorry for that. I'm getting used to my new lifestyle). Today I want to present you what I believe to be the X-Men movie franchise timeline... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: The Seven Deadly Sin 210

Summary: Gowther and Melascula from the Ten Commandments are corrupting the gate that connects to heaven, turning it into a gate that connects to the underworld. The humans in Stigma, including the one who looks like Ban, betrays the alliance... Continue Reading →

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