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What is a Journey?…

You may have asked yourself this question multiple times throughout your life… or maybe not explicitly “what is a journey?” but a similar question. Maybe you were solving a very difficult Physics problem which asked you to solve the mysteries of the universe based on the initial velocity of an object with mass equal to that of an apple.

Well, a journey can be anything you want it to be. If you believe that solving a really hard science problem is your journey to success, you are not wrong. It is up to each of us to interpret the kind of journey we want to have for our own lives.

I have been conflicted by this same concept throughout my life. The typical problem that each of us face is the same kind that I experience and ask myself… What is our real purpose in living and what is our dream? What do we want to achieve? And the way to solve these problems is… through a journey of discovery and self-reflection.

Let me tell you a brief story about my life and a little journey I have gone through: when I was a kid in primary school, I thought that if I were to study really hard, the love of my life would appear and make my life whole. I did my very best in the academics field and became a honor student. This was my journey to love. Years went by with this same doctrine until I graduated from high school. The result? The love of my life never appeared or maybe it appeared but we never became a thing haha. At least I got scholarships out of it though haha.


So…  what about Violet Evergarden and why did she appear in the cover of this post? Um… well… the cover pic looks very nice and beautiful and I thought that it would great on this post XD hahaha!

Anyways… Violet also experienced a journey during her life after the war ended: she wanted to discover what love meant because this was the last “word” Major Gilbert told her (technically, it was a sentence). She became a Doll and went on numerous business travel to attend her customers in hope that she would understand little by little what human emotions were made of. Initially, she was a really bad employee and if we were her boss, we would really have a hard time dealing with her. Thankfully, she had great colleagues that understood her little by little, until they trusted her.

Therefore…what was initially a problematic newbie with no understanding on how human feelings influence in a relationship, she became an amazing Doll.

From her story, what we can learn is that through experience and failure, we grow and walk a little bit forward in our journey. Well. If you watched the movie “Christopher Robin”, Winnie Pooh may enlighten you a little more with his astounding remarks and way to view life.

Before I finish this post… I believe we can argue that during the anime, Violet experienced three kinds of journey: job, self-healing, self-discovery… and love is the one variable which tied them all for Violet… although it was the kind of sad love… because… Major… Major…

*Finishes the post with dramatic scene like how it is done in Violet Evergarden**


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OWLS August 2018 Theme – Journey

We have all heard this saying in some shape or form: “Life is a journey.” We travel down a path in hope that we reach a goal or destination, but the travel in getting there isn’t always easy. Along the way, we encounter some personal struggles. It is in those moments where we must overcome an adversity to complete our journey or take a different route or path instead. In this month’s OWLS post, we will be discussing the personal journeys of pop culture creators, icons, and characters. We will explore the journeys that these characters went through, discuss the process and experiences they had on their journeys, what they discover about themselves, or share our own personal journeys.