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Ace of Diamond Act 2

Manga Chapter Review: Ace of Diamond Act II 72

Summary: Hakuryuu has a plan against Sawamura, specifically targeting the outside pitches. Miyuki takes notice of their pattern and tries to counter them. Mima´s turn at bat is proving to be difficult for the battery. With no other way out... Continue Reading →


Manga Chapter Review: Ace of Diamond Act II 71

Summary: Furuya is overestimating his abilities, gambling on impossible odds (he hit the pitch and was aiming to get into 3rd base, but he got out). Sawamura is pitching incredibly. Hakuryuu´s battery feels that Seidou isn´t aiming for their Slider, so... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Ace of Diamond Act II 70

Summary: It's the top of the 3rd inning and it's Seidou's turn to defend. Sawamura + Miyuki combo got one of the best runners on Hakuryuu fail in stealing a base. Sawamura successfully fended off Hakuryuu's attempt to try to... Continue Reading →

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