1. Hakuryuu has a plan against Sawamura, specifically targeting the outside pitches.
  2. Miyuki takes notice of their pattern and tries to counter them.
  3. Mima´s turn at bat is proving to be difficult for the battery.
  4. With no other way out against Mima (number 7 cutter custom didn´t work), Miyuki tells Sawamura to lift the ban of the number 11 “Splitter”.


Finally a trial that Sawamura must overcome. The biggest highlight of this chapter is how Mima has proven to be a difficult opponent for Sawamura, making him like the replacement of Todoroki at the moment. Even with the pitch number 7, Mima doesn´t seem fazed about it.

Proving to be difficult to face against Mima, and since it´s a practice game, Miyuki takes the gamble of lifting the ban of Number 11. With that said, next chapter will be spectacular! I hope that number 11 pitch execution goes well because it will be the first time we would see it. Additionally, jumping from number 7 to number 11 makes one wonder what kind of pitches number 8 to 10 are, giving more, intriguing more the reader. Go Sawamura! I believe in you!

As a side note, this is the prelude to the great beating that awaits Hakuryuu when it´s Seidou´s turn to bat.

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