February 2017

Short Break Notice

Hello everyone! This is Moonid. Sorry for not posting in a while. It`s holidays over here for these few days and I decided to take a little break.  I will be back in action on March 1 ­čÖé See you... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Haikyuu!! 243

Summary: We are shown some relaxing aftermath scenes. Nekoma won their first game like Karasuno (set count 2-0). Fukurodani is 2 points behind their opponent Eiwa. Apparently, they are on their first set. It seems that Bokuto entered into "Low... Continue Reading →

NASA 2017 Press Conference Highlights! Was it Interesting?

Hello everyone! This is Moonid and today I bring you my highlights for the NASA Press Conference that happened on Feb. 22 at 1 pm EST. The conference was pretty simple, with a lot of time spent on answering questions... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: My Hero Academia 128

Summary: Midoriya couldn┬┤t get the stamp from Sir within the time limit, but he made Sir have a little laugh. Apparently, Sir intended to employ Midoriya from the very start, so it all ended well for Midoriya. For his first... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Ace of Diamond Act II 68

Summary: Sawamura shut down Hakuryuu┬┤s attack with his aggressive pitching + Miyuki┬┤s call. He pitched the number 7 (cutter custom) to the 4th batter, which is like the secret weapon of Sawamura. It┬┤s Seidou┬┤s turn to attack, and Kuramochi successfully... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: The Seven Deadly Sins 204

Summary: Lady Elizabeth is negotiating with the Ten Commandments. Rueduciel appears, making it seem that Lady Elizabeth was stalling for time. Derieri stroke Elizabeth down. The huge ball of light that contained the demon┬┤s kinship held hostage exploded at the... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: The Seven Deadly Sins 203

Summary: Ban┬┤s look alike is sharing some fond moments with Meliodas. Rueduciel┬┤s plan to eradicate the Demon Clan is already in motion. We are revealed that Gerheade is Gloxinia┬┤s little sister. Rueduciel was preparing a huge bait for the demon... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: The Promised Neverland 27

Summary: Emma and Ray wants Norman to pretend that he escaped, but in reality he will just be hiding within the area. His transmitter will be disabled before he disappears. Ray explains the mechanism behind all of the role-playing involved... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Haikyuu!! 242

Summary: A heated rally happened, where Karasuno looked for a chance to end the match, and Tsubakihara wanted to stay alive for a little longer. The rally ended with a back attack from Asahi, putting the final nail to the... Continue Reading →

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