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March 2017

Manga Chapter Review: Ace of Diamond Act II 72

Summary: Hakuryuu has a plan against Sawamura, specifically targeting the outside pitches. Miyuki takes notice of their pattern and tries to counter them. Mima┬┤s turn at bat is proving to be difficult for the battery. With no other way out... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: The Promised Neverland 32

Summary: Ray and Emma never gave up in the escape plan. It was all part of the strategy for Ray and Emma to not do anything in the past two months. Mama was watching them closely so they were in... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: Haikyuu!! 247

Summary: If Karasuno and Nekoma wins their next match, the Battle of the Trash Heap will finally happen. Karasuno next opponent is Inarizaki High School. Runner up of the Inter High and favorite to win the tournament. It seems that... Continue Reading →

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