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My Hero Academia

Manga Chapter Review: My Hero Academia 131

Summary: We learn how Togata got under the wings of Sir Nighteye. Midoriya and All Might deepen their relationship after they finished talking. Uraraka and Tsuyi are doing their internship under the guidance of the top 9 hero, Ryukyu, together... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: My Hero Academia 130

Summary: The chapter explained why they are investigating The Eight Precepts of Death. We learn more about the relationship between Sir and All Might. Review: It seems that Chisaki can be a formidable opponent. His quirk seems to be related to... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: My Hero Academia 129

Summary: Togata, Midoriya, and Chisaki discusses over the little incident that the little girl just made. Togata wants to smoothly finish the discussion and walk away, preventing Chisaki from getting any intel. Midoriya, seeing that Eri, the little gir, is... Continue Reading →

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