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The Promised Neverland

Manga Chapter Review: The Promised Neverland 33

Summary: Mama is planning an all-nighter to prevent anything bad from happening. Mama hears Emma´s cry and rushes to the dining room. When she got it, she saw a sea of fire. When she used her tracker, there was a... Continue Reading →


Manga Chapter Review: The Promised Neverland 32

Summary: Ray and Emma never gave up in the escape plan. It was all part of the strategy for Ray and Emma to not do anything in the past two months. Mama was watching them closely so they were in... Continue Reading →

Manga Chapter Review: The Promised Neverland 31

Summary: Emma, Ray, Don, and Gilda are dealing with the aftermath of Norman´s departure. Emma and Ray are really hurt and all hope is lost. Ray backs off from the escape plan, now that all his efforts for the past... Continue Reading →

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