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Kakegurui Episode 12 Review

Kakegurui Episode 12 can be described with one single word: Filler. This episode absolutely does not contribute to the story at all, with Episode 11 being fine as the final episode. The production team must have been like: how do... Continue Reading →

Ballroom e Youkoso Episode 6 Review!

Episode 6 of Ballroom e Youkoso was a great episode. The main points of the episode were the courage Tatara mustered up to issue a challenge to Gaju to make him reconsider his decision of partnering up with Shizuku, a... Continue Reading →

Ballroom e Youkoso Episode 5 Review!

Ballroom e Youkoso Episode 5 focused on introducing two of the major characters, which happens to be siblings, that will influence Tatara on becoming a better dancer. The name of them are Mako Akagi and Gaju Akagi. Gaju and Mako... Continue Reading →

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