Ballroom e Youkoso Episode 5 focused on introducing two of the major characters, which happens to be siblings, that will influence Tatara on becoming a better dancer. The name of them are Mako Akagi and Gaju Akagi.

Gaju and Mako are a couple who specializes in Latin dance. Recently, Gaju can`t feel Mako`s intention in her dancing, deteriorating the relationship between the two up to the point where Gaju wants to switch Mako for Shizuku. The reason for Mako`s empty dancing is due to her stress that she needs to cope with her brother`s growth and disparity of height between the two, making her feel abandoned. As for Gaju, switching Mako for Shizuku would prove beneficial to him because Shizuku has good height and sexiness.

The episode also focuses on the aftermath of the Mikasa Cup, where Hyodo-Shizuku pair got disqualified due to change of leader, and resulting in a six month penalty of no official competition appearance. Shizuku is feeling lost and angry because no one told her of Hyodo`s injury, making her feel that her opinion and feelings on the matter is of no importance. This fact can deteriorate any couple`s trust in each other like how a mischief in a married couple can produce a divorce.

Tatara is now having mixed feelings in the matter because he couldn`t fulfilled Hyodo`s request of taking care of Shizuku, and that Shizuku is now paired with Gaju resulting in Mako being left alone. Nevertheless, Tatara partners up with Mako so that he can gain some experience dancing with a real partner and not shadowing. From the episode, we learn that Tatara has exceptional senses besides his eyesight.

mako and tatara
Tatara + Mako love ship! ( *w*)

The episode was enjoyable to watch and was able to convey the true worth of Tatara`s senses.

Next episode title is called “Line of Dance” which means that the episode will focus on Tatara learning the way a c ouple has to move in a ballroom floor together with Mako. Also, next episode Tatara will declare a battle to Gaju so that everything can return to normal: Mako goes back to Gaju and Gaju leaves Shizuku alone.

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