Episode 6 of Ballroom e Youkoso was a great episode. The main points of the episode were the courage Tatara mustered up to issue a challenge to Gaju to make him reconsider his decision of partnering up with Shizuku, a little glimpse of Tatara’s background, and growth of Tatara as a dancer.

Tatara will team up with Mako to compete against Gaju-Shizuku pair in the Teppei Cup, with the couple marriage partner at stake. This challenge can be controversial depending on the point of view of the viewer. Some may see the stakes of this challenge as treating a woman like how one treats a property in a Monopoly game. Additionally, there are a lot of aspects shown in the anime where the man has a higher standing than woman, which we need to blame on the essence of competitive dancing (e.g. the partner has to follow the leader). Nonetheless, the challenge was issued in goodwill, trying to fix the selfishness of Gaju and Hyodo, with Sengoku not free of guilt.


There was a single scene in all of the exchange between Gaju and Tatara to settle on the challenge which struck me hard. You can see it in the figure shown below.

fujita loses

This sentence alone was so powerful that it hinted a lot about Tatara. From this single sentence we can infer that Tatara lost someone very dear to him, making him very sad. To the present date, he still misses that person who left an empty space in his heart. Feeling pained by the fact that Mako was going to be abandoned by her brother as how he was abandoned, it made Tatara act so that he can prevent it from happening.

In a further scene, where Tatara has a phone conversation with Mako, it is explained that the person Tatara misses is actually his mom, who divorced his father and left Tatara for good.

Also, all the actions we have seen from Tatara so far were done because he was being considerate with the people close to him. Mako points this fact out to Tatara and that he should be considerate to himself as well. There is no better phrase as an advice than that because I know how it feels like to be very considerate to other people without giving a care about oneself. To be told that you have someone to watch your back feels very reassuring.

mako chan

Interesting fact of this episode is how Tatara’s dad drunken state assimilates a lot to how we act in real life when we are drunk. When we get too many drinks, we act in a very strange way. In a lot of anime I’ve watched, drunk people are portrayed as happy go lucky drunkard, or people getting drunk and change personalities ASAP (*cough* Nisekoi) haha. Splendid representation of someone getting drunk *clapping hands*.

drunk dad

The episode also explains one of the basics of ballroom dancing, which is the Line of Dance. The Line of Dance is like an invisible rule where every dancer respects, and it describes the flow of dancing in the dance floor. As shown in the image below, dancers should dance in a counterclockwise direction to prevent as low as possible tackling other pairs.

line of dance

We also get a glimpse (a lost battle to get the true beauty of dancing because the animation studio won’t animate more dancing steps) of how a Quickstep is performed. In the figure below there is a portrayal of how the vision of an inexperienced dancer has when they are dancing the Quickstep. It is portrayed very well in my opinion because… who has the time to adjust their eyes in this fast dance?


We are also shown how Tatara learns quickly, and that thanks to Mako’s advice, he becomes a better dancer. Just look at Tatara’s face in the image below… he looks splendidly like a pro dancer. In fact, all the dancing scene of Tatara+Mako that led to this point were so awesome that it looked like they could ace the Teppei Cup. Heck, look forward to the Teppei Cup. We will be watching some fantastic magical background on some poses that fits perfectly for Saint Seiya.

On a side note, I’m very happy that Tatara is enjoying dancing with so much passion. I feel very jealous haha.

dancers face.jpg

Fun fact: we are shown that Tatara has… a square feet. Square feet people tend to have a lot of problem searching for the right shoes because depending the shoes (pointy shoes that were not made for square feet people), it may hurt the feet and cause some weird mutation on the natural development of how the feet of oneself should develop. These types of people are very rare to find. I learnt this fact while reading a manga about foot fetish. If you want to know the name of the manga, let me know in the comments section down below so that I can dig the name up from my memory haha.


Thanks for reading!