This chapter tackles three main points that are:

  1. How viable is it to form an alliance between humans and vampires?
  2. Know a little about Crowley´s past.
  3. After they arrived into Ferrid´s manor, what comes next?

The first point revolves around an intense questioning to Mikaela about his humanity, with the purpose of obtaining empirical data and how far both humans and vampires could trust each other.

The second point reveals that Crowley was a crusader participating in the Holy War Expedition, killing many people for the sake of their faith. P.S: it´s highly probable that assassins from Assassin´s Creed were somehow involved in turning Crowley into a vampire xD jk.

The third point brings a new set of questions: what does “remains of Yu” means and how will that change the course of the story? Will it be a whole load of BS or will it be a brilliant idea?

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