1. The first batter from Hakuryuu got out. He almost reaches safely to the first base.
  2. The second batter hit off a high change up pitch from Sawamura and gets on first base. Also, he tries to get a running start from Sawamura´s pitching, taking advantage of his pitching speed and pitching motion sequence. This fact puts additional pressure on Sawamura.
  3. The third batter, Mima (genius batter, scouted for pro teams), hits off Sawamura´s second pitch into a good spot. Furuya is near, catches the ball and throws it slightly high, letting the runner on first be safe on third base. Kanemaru (third baseman) almost misses catching the ball from Furuya, and it could have ended with a lost run. The runner on first got into third, and Mima got into second base.
  4. Sawamura gets into full concentration mode, and pitches what I believe to be the number 7 to the 4th batter. The pitch made me have goosebumps.


Astounding. Hakuryuu lives up to their reputation of being a regular in Koushien. Their fine plays are top quality and would prove to be really troublesome to Sawamura. This match will be a huge obstacle to Sawamura, since he needs to step up his game and be in full concentration mode from now on if he doesn´t want to lose any run.

Overall, next chapter looks really promising. If Sawamura doesn´t retire the 4th batter, then his future will be quite grim.

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