1. Shin is not used to handling Ouki’s glaive.
  2. Qin captured Retsubi.
  3. The Qin army nos has to understand the layout of Retsubi and make it their own. If they can’t do that, attacking Gyou would be difficult.
  4. Apparently, Retusbi’s layout is a trap, and General Ousen noticed it.


The chapter made some screen time for Shin to get used to Ouki’s glaive. It will be the key to the upcoming battles Shin will have to face.

Making Retsubi one of Qin’s city is a fundamental step to conquering Zhao. It will make possible to fortify a solid line of supply and increase the chance of the campaign to succeed. Since we were shown that Retsubi layout actually contains a trap made by Riboku beforehand, there’s a high chance that General Ousen, the only one from Qin to fully see the trap set by Riboku, may give the order to advance and leave Retsubi behind.

The trap set by Riboku in Retsubi could be about having numerous gates to enter from Zhao territory, and only one gate to enter from Qin side. This means that it will be way easier to reconquer Retsubi and increase the risk of actually having any hope of backup. Shouheikun’s plan crumbled into pieces, thus from this point onward will be General Ousen to actually start to shine.

Additionally, it seems that the Zhao forces already took into account that Retsubi could fall within one day. It’s truly frightening how Riboku’s mind work.

Overall, this chapter was the conclusion of the seizing of Retsubi. Next chapter seems to be promising, since it will more or less decide whether General Ousen is up to the task of being the Supreme General of the joint forces.

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