1. Gowther and Melascula from the Ten Commandments are corrupting the gate that connects to heaven, turning it into a gate that connects to the underworld.
  2. The humans in Stigma, including the one who looks like Ban, betrays the alliance for their own agenda.
  3. King and Diane, sensing the turmoil in the Fairy Forest, rushes back, but are stopped by the appearance of Gowther.


This chapter was really interesting. The humans betraying the alliance was something that I didn´t expect. Maybe this was the spark for the distrust in humans…?

Nerobasta seems so pitiful in this arc that I´m wondering why she was summoned last time.

The appearance of Gowther in front of King and Diane may move the plot forward. If this Gowther turns out that he is made of a Doll, then the Gowther we know may be confirmed to be truly the leader of the Ten Commandments.

Overall, this chapter was good. I hope next chapter will shed some light on the true trial.

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